A Superb Replica Watch Of Breitling SuperOcean Heritage 46

I bought this from Breitling mens replica mad Andrew (Cregan) on here a few months ago, and I’ve been meaning to take a few pics ever since.. thing is, it’s hardly left my wrist since, it really has become a favourite. To be honest, I’ve no idea why Andrew sold it in the first place, it is utterly gorgeous.
My main worry prior to buying it was the size.. I mean – 46mm Cheap Replica Watches, that’s huge, but Andrew assured me it ‘wears smaller’, a phrase that I never really lent any weight to until now, it actually doesn’t feel like a massive lump on my wrist. I thought about getting the 42mil version, but that has a date window at 3, and I like the date window at 6 on this – very ‘ cal. 12 Heuer-esk’. It’s still a big replica, but it doesn’t feel silly.
It came on the Ocean Racer (I think that’s the name) rubber strap & deployant, which is very smart, but I like to wear it on this leather strap that came with a cheap ‘Pam-esk’ replica I bought a while back – gives it a casual look, and despite it being a polished case, it’s not blingy on the wrist.
The classic ‘Heritage’ looks really are lovely, and although I’m a vintage fan through and through, I do find this replica just as enjoyable as some of my older Heuers. The dial is lovely, it’s a matt-satin-ish finish, hard to describe, almost like liquid in some light, but in other light it appears to have a faint starburst effect. I don’t quite know how this is happening, as there definitely isn’t a starburst finish to it, must just be a trick of the light. The quality of the dial is unbelievable, the bottom close-up pic hasn’t been altered at all, and you can see that the fine details are superb – I love the little touches, like the 18k gold ‘B’, which really sets it off – nice touches like that I really appreciate.

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